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The description is a great place to push people to owned platforms.In the description, I like to: Now, we’re ready for the next section.When you dump the file in the upload section the raw video name will pull through – leave it as is. Titles are incredibly important – they’re a major ranking factor.When I write titles, I include at least 3 of the following in each: Tags are used by search engines for classification – I believe using the same tags as the top ranked videos helps to associate you with their keywords.I’ve seen plenty of videos ranking high with NO descriptions, so I don’t image it’s something that even gets crawled by You Tube anymore.

Now, I’m not saying this is the only thing – there’s plenty of directions you can go.

To rank in Google organic Search you need to build links to your videos.

You Tube is a Domain Authority 99 site, meaning the domain has a massive spam tolerance.

Promoting your videos – Getting real, engaged views on your videos, building links and embeds to your videos.

WATCH VIDEOFor certain search queries, a video is a better result than a website.

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If you’re searching for information on “how to tie a tie”… That’s a rhetorical question – I know the answer because Google is telling us by showing videos as results.