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Otherwise he could have come up with a new creative concept,” says Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo.Chris disagrees: “If you look at my very first brand, Eagle’s Eye, my aesthetic has always been classic and preppy.Upcoming, he will launch and/or invest in Electric Love Army, a line by TV personality Kelly Cutrone; Trademark, a “top secret” fashion brand designed by his daughters Pookie and Louisa; and an untold number of others that have yet to spring forth from his head.The issue with Tory centers on his new chain of preppy emporiums—C.

“I’ll be selling all this—everything from custom furniture to custom kitchens—through my new concept store, No. Chris’s mother was a Sinkler, a fine Main Line family, but his dad, who ran sales for a construction company before going on to run his own company, grew up one of 10 kids in a middle-class Baltimore family.Wonder, while still sitting on her company’s board?Dissecting one of the oddest ex-spousal relationships in New York society, Vanessa Grigoriadis learns why the Burches are ripe for a showdown.He seeks compensatory damages and relief, including the removal of Tory and four directors from the board.“Through her machinations,” the suit alleges, “Tory Burch fashioned a corporate governance process that is perfectly imperfect.” The Tory Burch company disputes the suit’s allegations and says it expects to respond with its own suit.

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Chris runs a warm home here, in spirit as well as furnishings, which include paired striped and polka-dot pillows and blue lacquer tables. Chris provided that feedback with only the best intentions for the company.”The Philadelphia Story On paper, Tory and Chris were perfect for each other.

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