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If she's packed on some weight, it's hardly surprising. I hope the snickering morons who started this thread don't have to deal with divorce in their lives.

TD wrote: It's likely being married to MJ wasn't a walk in the park.

"He's affectionate and romantic," she says, looking peacefully happy behind a Southern-style smile and demeanor. He likes champagne, and he sends me flowers all the time."Candlelight dinners? MJ is no angel, but she is quite the business woman.

She knew how the game was played, and at the time they met, she knew the game better than MJ.

An eternal Pokemon waits." At the end of the room, the Braille code states: "First comes Relicanth.

Last comes Wailord." Now you have done all you need to in the Sealed Chamber. Be sure to have a Pokemon that knows Surf, Dive, Dig, Fly and Strength.

These pillars are important if you ever lose the Braille decoder sheet - but otherwise of no use.

Head to the wall with more dots on it, there is the entrance to the second room.

Navigate your way through the maze of small islands and you should find the island cave. Wait for time to pass twice." As soon as you press A again, don't move - just wait.Registeel's tomb is a few levels up and through a patch of grass.In the tomb, the Braille reads: "With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle." After you read that, take five steps from the middle of the Braille marks to the door you came through.Face in between the dots and follow the instructions on the wall "Dig here." Now you are in the second room.The small pillars to the sides tell the story of the Regi Pokemon: "In this cave we have lived." "We owe all to the Pokemon." "But, we sealed them away." "We feared it." "Those with courage, those with hope." "Open a door.

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Once you're in the desert, make your way South and you should find Regirock's tomb.