Who is leighton meester dating september 2016 dating saltburn by the sea

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It's totally possible that August or September will see the arrival of Meester's first baby, and I truly feel for her being pregnant in the hottest months of the year.

Fingers crossed that she fills us in on the details of her pregnancy ASAP — for the record neither Meester nor Brody have confirmed the pregnancy so far — because I can't wait to see her and Brody become parents.

Then again, there’s nothing sexier than a girl in a sexy superhero/cosplay costume if you ask me. Actually, I consider it lingerie, if you know what I mean?

Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vergara look sexier!

If the since-removed movie was on Despite violent opposition from her mother, who wants her daughter to dress femininely and be straight, 17-year-old Alike prefers to express herself with androgynous clothes and liking girls.

It's still super exciting, though, partly because their baby-to-be will obviously receive a double helping of some seriously good genes.But some of these are new things we’ve never talked about before!They are tagged with accurate descriptors of the characters involved in the main narrative.Together, the trio of ’90s-loving geeks used to getting bullied on the daily are invited to a cool party hosted by drug dealers, setting off a chain of events that get the kids in real deep with criminal activity and unsavory characters with no awareness of their own ridiculousness.It’s a charming, entirely original, politically conscious coming-of-age tale cast in dreamy California light and draped in eye-popping fashion with a killer soundtrack to boot.

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And a whole lot of drool-inducing sexiness in general.

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