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We were pretty much made on TV, and we were manufactured by numbers and that was it.

And even though that was amazing and that kind of money and that kind of aggressive branding was great, man it was limiting.

all things Diddy and Danity Kane, what went wrong in her public relationship with Que (formerly of Day 26) and being a whore (her words, not ours) for her new man. On the most challenging record on her album: as a brand and believe in that brand enough to give it to people in a way that’s honest, raw, genuine and ever-evolving. I am always fine tuning ways of marketing myself because now I don’t have the same push as I did when I was with a big label.misunderstood us.

We did our best to support and love one another in the way that we were created. We weren’t like Destiny’s Child who grew up as sisters and chose that. It’s hard to have something like that in that situation. I surprised myself with being more kind, understanding and tolerant.

Is there added pressure with "REDemptionheart" because it’s the third album in the trilogy?

Well, it’s funny, there as no pressure at all at first because everyone thought I was a joke. So to be honest, at first people were kind of laughing at me, like you’re not going to be able to pull this off.

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And now they’re kind of looking at me in awe, like how are you pulling this off?

But that pressure is going to be there [for me] regardless, not for people to like it, but just to do something that sticks artistically, that is legendary and feels grand.

She got her big break when she auditioned for the MTV show Making the Band 3 and that was in She was born on August 5, 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Her father name is Frank Richard, the singer of the funk band Chocolate Milk.

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