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That year, she wrote unenthusiastically to a friend, “He has loved me for three years now, and I believe that it is my fate to be his wife.

Though my fingers are thin, still her thimble didn't fit me.Khan Akhmat, my ancestor, was killed one night in his tent by a Russian killer-for-hire.Karamzin tells us that this marked the end of the Mongol yoke on Russia.Akhmatova's first husband, Nikolay Gumilyov was executed by the Soviet secret police, and her son Lev Gumilyov and her common-law husband Nikolay Punin spent many years in the Gulag, where Punin died.Akhmatova was born at Bolshoy Fontan, near the Black Sea port of Odessa.

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Her father, Andrey Antonovich Gorenko, a naval engineer, and her mother, Inna Erazmovna Stogova, were both descended from the Russian nobility. But the first Russian woman poet, Anna Bunina, was the aunt of my grandfather Erasm Ivanovich Stogov.