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Vampire diaries candice accola dating

, I thought she was quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet. And (spoiler alert) she turned into a total badass once she became a vampire. Photo Source: Derrick Salters/Candice loves to give back and is a spokesperson for Turn The Corner, a charity for Lyme Disease awareness and research.

I don’t think we’re necessarily supposed to love Caroline Forbes at the beginning of the series because she’s a bit stuck-up and high maintenance. Even though Candice is a big TV celeb now, she’s got some Southern roots that really speak to me. Then in 2011, she started dating Zach Roerig, who plays Matt Donovan. Candice and several other TVD stars, including Nina Dobrev, were arrested in Georgia during a promotional photo shoot with Tyler Shields on the side of the road. Candice's childhood friend, Teri Raser, got Lyme Disease so Candice started getting involved to find ways to help.

So her boyfriend was again another costar of the same series Zach Roerig.

The couple lasted only for one year from 2011 to 2012.

In case you haven't heard, my girlfriends and I have declared the summer of 2012 as the best summer ever.

The best way to document said "best summer ever" is with a good ol' disposable camera. Disposable cameras allow you to snap something special without being taken out of the moment.

Apart from her talent in acting, she is a singer as well as song- writer.

Starting her career in the music industry in 2006 when she was a background singer for Miley Cyrus.

Photo Source: Did you know these things about Candice Accola? Candice kills it as Caroline Forbes on TVD, but there’s a lot more to this actress than meets the eye.So, let us take a look at some unknown facts about Candice Accola- Caroline from The Vampire Diaries.Because of her exceptional talent and passion for work, she achieved many things.For her role in The Vampire Diaries, she was awarded 2012 Teen Choice Award for Scene Stealer Female.

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