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Updating in linq

To use the XSD file correctly for validating a DBML file, see How to: Validate DBML and External Mapping Files.The following code is an excerpt from the DBML file created from the Northwind sample database.

Also, actually intially I thought to convert my object as XML and then update that XML and convert it back to object.

Dim nw As New Northwnd("c:\northwnd.mdf") Dim cust As New Customer With nw. Insert On Submit(cust) ' At this point, the new Customer object is added in the object model.

For more information, see Sql (Code Generation Tool).

I already have code to convert my object to XML and convert XML back to my object. If possible, can someone please give me code to update Quantity in that XML for particular SKU?

string str Initial XML = "your xml string here"; Xml Document doc = new Xml Document(); doc. But actually I want to modify "Quantity" if SKU = "SKU 2". And again, I want to update this Quantity in whole XML, I mean I am looking for that XML string with updated quantity. Really Thanks Sansan, but somehow when I tried first method, It did not update quantity value and when I tried second method, it throws exception. If you can tell me exactly how can I update Quantity with some values where SKU="BC_DAFS-L".

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