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The Post Office’s Check and Send service (£9.75) remains the same but does not apply to online applications.

Beat the hike If your passport is due to expire within the next nine months, you can renew it now and have the remaining time added to your new passport, giving it a maximum validity of 10 years and nine months.

First passports – which require countersignatory checks – can take longer, around six weeks, but sometimes more.

There’s a telephone advice line if you need help (03). Feeling blue Burgundy UK passport covers will be phased out and turn blue six months after Brexit, but that won’t invalidate the current, EU-emblazoned passports. Until Brexit, your passport needs to be valid only for the duration of your trip within the EU. It’s legal to hold two passports, as long as you have a valid reason.

Photos must be printed on photo-quality paper, and cannot be torn, stained or folded. Make sure to mail the photos, completed application, renewal fee and previous passport to the Regional Passport Processing Centre.

To avoid delays or having materials lost, send the items in a folder through a secure service like registered mail or via a courier.

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Money orders or cashier checks should be made out to "British Embassy Government Account." Ginger Yapp has been writing professionally since 2006, specializing in travel and film topics.It is also possible to fill out the "smart form" version of the application online and print it.Failing to fully fill out the forms -- or completing them out inaccurately -- can result in a delay or denial of a UK passport renewal application. It is necessary to have two identical color copies of the photo.The official online application claims to take just 10 minutes and you’re able to upload photos that meet requirements from your smartphone (the website lists all official requirements).It’s still likely to take around three weeks to process, so leave plenty of time, particularly during the peak spring/summer period.

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