Updating 10 3 9 to 10 4 Camgrils

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Updating 10 3 9 to 10 4

When working with Tanjay devices the Lync Server Client Version Policy by default blocks clients running version 1.0.196 or older.

These are very old beta versions that I have not even had my hands on in a long time and unfortunately cannot test upgrading them directly against Lync Server.

If the Lync Server environment is prepared correctly to support standard operation of the devices (detailed in this previous article) then the following process can be used to prepare, test, and update devices.

To set the Windows update service to run in it's own svchost process and thus make some extra memory available for the upates scan we performed the following steps.

Warning after doing this we've seen the Windows Update service temporarily peaking at 25% CPU and 780MB memory on a Windows 7 x86 client.

First, the original touchscreen-based client which started in OCS on the CX700 and was updated for Lync.

This client looks nearly identical to the previous version but has a few tweaks (most prominently a Lync Server branded background).

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UNC path updating is the only update method not relying on the malfunctioning Windows Update service.

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