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A woman of 45 is like Russia – likes to drink, have fun. When she is 50 a woman is like Mongolia – has a glorious historical past, but unfortunately no future.

Dating, romantic relationship and a married life imbued with sex.

Harmonious and happy life can hardly be achieved without the wisdom in this matter.

Therefore, we could not ignore this point in our guide.

Another issue one has to pay attention at is the following.

A Ukrainian wisdom says: A woman of 20 is like Africa – far, mysterious, hot, inapproachable!!!

A woman of 35 is like France – beaten throughout but still evoking a great interest.

A woman of 40 is like Yugoslavia – did many mistakes, lost the war but still evokes interest!

For some of them the unconventional sex, and certainly hardcore sex is not acceptable, but if a partner insists, they can agree on some experiments, but most likely will not get any pleasure from it.If your choice is 20 you will have to talk with her about her friends but not avoid them. In this age, Ukrainian girls are very much devoted to their parents and they understand no criticism to their address. And it is meant that you will also want to try various kinds of caressing. She is probably still quite unsure and needs your praise and directions.It is important to remember their names and see a difference. If she is 30 30 is taken by a Ukrainian woman as an important barrier after which one exactly has to grow up, give birth to children and meet the second half.The only thing she can doubt is her attractiveness. In bed she is as well insatiable as a thirty-year-old, but she is ready to pay more attention at your pleasure.That’s why forty-year-old Ukrainian ladies like compliments and even an obvious flattery very much. According to statistics, 46% of women of this age are ready for sex on the first date.

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Usually Slav girls are extremely delicate natures, inactive, sometimes even passive, not only in their careers but also in their sexual lives.

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