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Two books, Aspergers Syndrome Employment Workbook: An Employment Workbook for Adults with Aspergers Syndrome (paperback) and Employment for Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Disability by Yvona Fast are available in some bookstores or at Have you watched the documentary on John Robinson,? I am quite sure that there are specialists in this area who assess those with ASD to assist in working out their strengths for this purpose! I know that is covered in the adult assessment here in Australia. I've found that "growing up" is subjective, and often times, over rated. Recently (last few years) I found out that I myself have aspergers.There are plenty of ideas as to how to begin searching for an appropriate career in these publications. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg are a part if an initiative to get high schools to start teaching code, which is something that a lot of aspergers kids really understand! I don't think of it as moving out of my comfort zone, rather extending it into other areas.• Anonymous said... Since being diagnosed as a type one diabetic, I've been forcing myself into situations and roles that I find myself initially shying away from our despising the thought of, just to conquer my own psyche. You only have to try." I'm now working in a face to face and phone based sales and solution position, and I'm loving it so far.Grown-ups with Aspergers may have trouble with organization and seeing the "big picture," often focusing on one aspect of a project or task.Most are rigid and inflexible, making transitions of any type difficult. Common Careers— Adults on the autism/Asperger continuum have sophisticated skills in certain areas, such as those dealing with numbers or art. Careers that do not rely on short-term memory are better suited for an individual on the spectrum.Careers in writing are not uncommon for Aspergers individuals.

Many Aspies have found success in other areas of employment. His was computers as well and he has done that and managed to build onto it. It took him a long time to find a workplace in which he felt comfortable but I think that's the case for many people Aspergers or not! My husband has finally discovered Library Studies: cataloguing and little human contact! My son's therapist told me that most kids do better after high school.because they can focus on their interest, not a bunch of stuff they could careless about. Any job, or role, would suit an ASD fine as a career, but they have to get comfortable with the idea of having challenging situations which trigger the "panic station" response to be overcome.

In contrast to those with autism, adults with Aspergers usually acquire language skills normally, develop appropriately in cognitive abilities and tend to have higher-than-average verbal skills.

The most significant feature of Aspergers is the inability to interact appropriately on a social basis.

and becomes stressed out when asked to eat at an earlier time, this may be indicative of Aspergers.

Unlike adults with autism, however, an individual with Aspergers will probably be able to keep his frustration in check.

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Usually, the process of exploring careers needs to be done sooner for Aspies than with other individuals.

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