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Totally  lds dating

You know, winning Sister Holland was not an easy thing to do. And I can just see in my mind the cake that we want. ” Actually neither of those stories is true, but who knows?I worked at it and worked at it and worked at it until I finally had the courage to ask for her hand. I know exactly what colors I want for the bridesmaids. Maybe you can use them someday when you have to speak at BYU on love and marriage. What I have learned of romantic love and the beauty of marriage I have learned from Sister Holland.” I don’t want to add needlessly to this rhetoric on romance, but I believe that second only to your membership in the Church, your “membership in a marriage” is the most important association you will have in time and eternity—and to the faithful what doesn’t come in time will come in eternity.So perhaps all of you will forgive me for offering, yes, more advice.But I wish it to be scriptural advice, gospel advice. [Moroni –48] True charity, the absolutely pure, perfect love of Christ, has really been known only once in this world—in the form of Christ Himself, the living Son of the living God.

To give ourselves totally to another person, as we do in marriage, is the most trusting step we take in any human relationship.

I wish to speak to you this morning about Christlike love and what I think it can and should mean in your friendships, in your dating, in serious courtship, and, ultimately, in your marriage.

I approach the subject knowing full well that, as a newly engaged young woman said to me just last month, “There is certainly a lot of advice out there!

In a romantic setting I said as meekly and humbly as I could, “Pat, will you marry me? I am honored to be her husband and am happy for you that she is on this campus again this morning, if only for an hour or two.

” To which she said, “Oh, dearest darling, dearest loved one, yes. As I once said of her, paraphrasing what Mark Twain’s Adam said of his Eve, “Wherever she was, there was paradise” (see “Adam’s Diary”).

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I am delighted to be with you the day after Valentine’s Day and the day before Sister Holland’s birthday. And everybody remembers what Brutus did to Julius Caesar on the ides of March—and it befell Mark Antony to get back at Brutus in the great funeral oration, the same Mark Antony who let Cleopatra take him for the proverbial trip up the Nile without a paddle.

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