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Canada is Far Too Accommodating Dave Hodson The Western Standard September 6, 2007 There is an ongoing debate in Canada surrounding the issue of integration vs. When people immigrate to a new country, there is usually an expectation that they alter their ways somewhat to integrate into the new society and culture.

In Canadian society, however, we seem to be far more accommodating than other countries when it comes to immigration, and in my opinion, we accommodate too much and immigrants integrate too little.

After public outcry, the Christmas trees are often, but not always, replaced.

Most people say that seeing symbols of another culture does not offend them, but the removal of their own religious symbols will anger them greatly. Many people are quick to blame the immigrants for asking too much of our society, and certainly they must accept some of the responsibility.

However, of what use is that photo id if Muslim women are not required to show their face? Consider the incident earlier this summer when Paramount Canadas Wonderland awarded compensation to a Sikh man after he complained he was discriminated against for refusing to take off his turban and wear a helmet to drive a go-kart.

Also, the results would be interpreted differently.

And guess who will end up paying for these legal settlements?

Furthermore, it is our public health care system that will pay for their medical treatment. Every December, we read about Christmas trees being removed from public spaces out of fear the display of a Christian icon may offend other religions.

Or she might have a completely different list of words.

With the modification, Some students take an “alternate assessment” of their statewide test, which includes modifications to the regular test.

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Accommodations change Accommodations can help kids learn the same material and meet the same expectations as their classmates.

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