Tell your best friend your dating his sister

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Tell your best friend your dating his sister

Don’t take sides: If there’s a disagreement between your friend and his sister, do not take sides.Insist on remaining neutral and not being brought into the middle of the argument.Treat your friend's sister with respect emotionally, verbally and physically if you choose to pursue a relationship with her.You must be polite, treat her well and stay faithful in the relationship or you're likely to lose the girl and the friend.Also, your friend might become jealous as some of the time you spent with him has been transferred to his sister.Faizah Imani, an educator, minister and published author, has worked with clients such as Harrison House Author, Thomas Weeks III, Candle Of Prayer Company and "Truth & Church Magazine." Her dossier includes Ja Za MM Web Designs, assistant high-school band director, district manager for the Clarion Ledger and event coordinator for the Vicksburg Convention Center.

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Show respect to your friend by acknowledging his feelings.

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