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National studies historically have researched the rate of physical violence, not taking into account other forms of abuse, including physical, psychological, emotional and sexual.

Nationally, one in three teens report being harmed in a dating relationship.

These findings underscore the need for early intervention and prevention with at-risk families.

We would like to thank Jillian Fish, Shahirah Gillespie, Marlana Howard, and Toni Torchia for their assistance with the late adolescent wave of data collection.

In October, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the UN's special rapporteur on child prostitution and pornography, angered Japan's government by saying that up to 13 percent of schoolgirls had taken part in Enjo Kosai, or compensated dating.

She said later that the figure was not official, and would not be in her final report.

Orange County teens are facing varied and more frequent types of dating violence than any generation before them.

"Prevalence data on teen dating violence are very difficult to find," said Michelle Miller-Day, Ph.Family processes in early life have been implicated in adolescent involvement in teen dating violence, yet the developmental pathways through which this occurs are not well understood. participated in the coordination of the study and performed the measurement, J. contributed to the statistical analysis and interpretation of the data, and K. All authors contributed to drafts of the manuscript and have read and approved the final manuscript.In this study, etiological pathways from parental psychopathology and marital conflict in infancy to involvement in dating violence in late adolescence were examined in a sample of children at high-risk due to parental alcohol problems. This research was supported by Award 2012-W9-BX-0001, awarded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U. Department of Justice and by the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse of the National Institutes of Health R01 AA010042 and R21AA021617.D., Chapman University communication studies professor and an author of this study."A look at these percentages suggests there is a significant lack of information at the state and county levels concerning facts beyond the prevalence of physical violence.

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