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The System Preparation (Sysprep) tool prepares an installation of Windows for duplication, auditing, and customer delivery.Duplication, also called imaging, enables you to capture a customized Windows image that you can reuse throughout an organization.Typically, Windows starts Windows Welcome immediately after installation.However, by booting to Audit mode, you can bypass Windows Welcome and boot the computer immediately to the desktop.This enables you to start your customization process as quickly as possible.Also, Audit mode enables you to verify that a computer is functional before it is delivered to a customer.

Audit mode enables OEMs and corporations to quickly customize a Windows installation.After installing this reference image, you make additional updates to the Windows installations that are unique for the computer that you are installing.In general, these are customer-requested applications or updates.Moving or copying a Windows image to a different computer without running sysprep /generalize is not supported.This topic includes: Sysprep is commonly used in the following scenarios: In the build-to-plan (BTP) scenario, you create a single Windows reference image to install computers that use the same hardware configuration.

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However, you can reset Windows activation only up to three times.

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