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Unless you’re managing a fleet of cars and update Garmins constantly, there’s no reason to have Garmin Express start when your computer boots up.In modern version of Windows, you can disable this from starting by opening Task Manager (CTRL SHIFT ESC), clicking the Startup tab, and right-clicking on “Garmin Express Tray” and choosing “Disable”. didn’t seem like much back when a GPS cost 0.

But I prefer the SD card method, as this is easily reversible, especially if you’re away from the computer: just turn the GPS off, remove the SD card from the GPS, and power it back on.

But if you were the kind of person who isn’t opposed to that, all you need is some spare time, a computer, a Bittorrent client, a USB mini B cable and, most likely, a small (2 to 8GB) SD card. And I don’t have a windshield mount for my phone, either.

So I’ll keep using the Garmin for the foreseeable future.

but nowadays you can buy entry-level Garmin car units for as little as .99, and refurbished units can be had for as little as .95.

This makes paying .99 for a map upgrade seem like a losing proposition.

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You can update the Garmin Nuvi the official way by downloading and using a free program called Garmin Express, or you can install community-created maps from an unaffiliated website.

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