Slackware package updating

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Slackware package updating

As stated earlier, this is done with the help of the Your Fedora system is now up to date.

Granted only two distributions were touched on here, but this should illustrate how easily a Linux installation is updated.

When the Update Manager opens click the Check button to see if there are updates available.

The updates will proceed and you can continue on with  your work.

Whether you are using Ubuntu, Open Su SE, Slackware, Fedora, Mandriva, or anything in-between, the above illustrations should help you through updating just about any Linux distribution.

Follow these steps: Depending upon your desktop, you will either use the GNOME or the KDE front-end for Package Kit.

In order to open up this tool you simply go to the Administration sub-menu of the System menu and select the Software Update entry.  When the tool opens (see Figure 3) you will see the list of updates.

The article covers the following topics: Create a package server via http Add patches to the package server Setup the clients with slackpkg or slapt-get Next make sure that your webserver supports symbolic links.

I assume you are using the shipped Apache webserver.

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