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Beginning in the late 1840s, not long after Judge Martin's passing, Creole historian Charles tienne Arthur Gayarr published a history of his native state.In a later edition of his work, for which he consulted colonial records only recently made available, Gayarr says nothing of Acadians reaching Louisiana during the 1750s.On May 4," Fortier continues, "Foucault announced the arrival of eighty more Acadians, whom he intended to send to the Attakapas; and on May 18, of forty-eight Acadian families, which he sent also to the Opelousas and the Attakapas.On November 16, 1766, Foucault announced the arrival from Halifax[sic] of two hundred and sixteen Acadians.

Later in the twentieth-century, however, Louisiana and Canadian historians resurrected the 1750s-overland myth.

INTRODUCTION BOOK ONE: French Acadia BOOK TWO: British Nova Scotia BOOK THREE: Families, Migration, and the Acadian "Begats" BOOK FOUR: The French Maritimes BOOK FIVE: The Great Upheaval BOOK SIX: The Acadian Immigrants of Louisiana BOOK SEVEN: French Louisiana BOOK NINE: The First Acadians in Louisiana The Broussards were not the first Acadians to come to the colony.

Nor, as legend would have it, did the first Acadian exiles, like Evangeline of Longfellow's poem, reach Louisiana during the 1750s via the upper Mississippi.

They had come from New York." A few pages later, the professor continues: "On February 28, 1765, Foucault, the commissaire ordonnateur, wrote to the minister that a few days previously several Acadian families, to the number of one hundred and ninety-three persons, had come over from Santo Domingo.

They were poor, and worthy of pity, and assistance was given to them until they could choose lands at the Opelousas and be in a condition to help themselves.

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Like these, the Acadians were greeted with tenderness and hospitality; every house in the city afforded a shelter to some of these unfortunate people.

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