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As you give her oral sex tell her, “I love licking you all over.”As you’re removing her clothes tell her, “I’m undressing you now.You look so sexy half dressed.”As you push her down tell her, “I’m bending you over and sticking my dick in your pussy.”( with your dirty talking, click here for the Blissnosis Sex Formula)You can also future pace the action.Maligay Govender offers some helpful mental health "first aid" tips. This diet is ranked #1 in the world – but is it right for you?5 weird things your body does SEE: 14 facts about menstruation you might not know This is why diabetics have a higher risk of going blind This diet is ranked #1 in the world – but is it right for you?The key to becoming a great lover does not lie in ways to stimulate a woman’s body; it lies in ways to stimulate a woman’s mind. And unlike men, any woman can be trained to have orgasms .Most sex advice you find in books and popular culture comes from the common misunderstanding that women become aroused mostly through physical techniques like trying different positions. Physically stimulating a woman’s body alone is not enough to make you a great lover to her, particularly if she has a lot of mental hang-ups holding her back. Sex for a woman at its very nature, at its very core, starts from inside her head.

swallow that cock down your throat.”You’d be surprised how much more erotic licking your woman’s body is when you’re pacing the action at the same time.

Imagine if you had to be perfectly silent during sex.

Without getting any kind of verbal feedback from you, not only would it be dull, but the women could get confused, have a misunderstanding, and become frustrated...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded.

That doesn’t mean you know how to link up pleasure in new ways for her.

Great physical technique may make you a good lover; but btapping directly into her mind, will make you a God. ”“Your kisses are so warm; your hugs are so warm; your tummy is so warm; you’re like my warm little teddy bear.”Repeating the same words over and over in rapid succession like so drives women into a submissive frenzy.

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This is why diabetics have a higher risk of going blind Try this 10-move workout inspired by SA’s fittest athletes and celebs Should you really be using coconut oil for everything?