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The thought was enough to make my erection stir, though I had to hide it from Tori. Impressing people was something I was new to, and impressing someone for reasons more than being pretty good at sex felt better than I'd expected. "I think I could offer a unique perspective, compared to the rest of your current writers," I said. Nadia closed my portfolio and slid it across the table to me.

Just, you know, you'd have to get to know them first, and grow balls enough to actually ask them out," she said. "Spending your lonely nights masturbating doesn't count as being fine," Tori said. I knew her from a few classes, and she was easily one of the smartest and most driven people in our class and was one of the easiest people to bet on becoming successful after graduation.

For someone who as much a smartass as she was most of the time, there was a refreshing honesty to her voice that was almost touching. Then, realizing I needed to talk like I wasn't getting laid on a semi-regular basis these days, I added, "But that's not gonna help me. " Tori exclaimed, wrinkling her face up in disgust. That the two of us should've had sex by now is one of our longest running inside jokes, mostly because I'm pretty sure everyone expected that we would've done it by now. "Now, do you think you can get this up and ready for draining one more time before we get to tutoring?

As usual when we have this exchange, we held on, waiting to see who'd laugh first. If I wasn't so busy flanking our sniper friend..." I said, unleashing a barrage from my minigun. We'd been best friends for ages, and were closer to brother and sister than anything else, I think (not that I'd know, being an only child). She was on all fours on my bed, her face pressed down hard into the pillows, her massive tits swaying deliciously with every thrust. Kaitlyn had become a much nicer person since we started fooling around, but her mean girl tendencies were something I'd have rather avoided. Anyway, let me know how your interview goes tomorrow. " Feeling it stir, I said, "I'll give it my best." *** The office of the Regan Hills High Puma Press was the kind of place I could've gotten lost in.

Especially when there were bitches online that needed killing, and she was distracting me from them. " I asked, diving my avatar for cover as someone launched a rocket at me. You've got a year to prevent you from going to college a virgin, and I'm just trying to help out. "Doesn't mean getting you laid isn't important." "It's not important right now," I said.

You really should've dived behind that truck," she said. "Ryan, you're my best friend; you're important all the time," Tori said. "Already on it," I said, looting the remains, shooting a glance over at Tori. " she said, taking my wilted cock in hand and cupping the balls.

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So, in addition to dodging bully Kyle Bowman and his best friend, Tori, talking him into joining the school paper, he's been juggling time having sex with a number of cheerleaders.