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Sedating horse

I mean HARD right next to the trailer not letting any rest unless she looks into the trailer or steps in.Yes, it may take even couple hours but it does work.Sedating to clip – a hairy job in more ways than one!Hi there all – I have been asked about sedating horses to clip them quite a lot lately, so I thought I would explain some of the drugs used, including estimate prices.

I have had to clip a lot of horses in my time, as well as sedating clients' horses..

The tapping must stope immediately there is any forward motion, even an inch. I've heard of them with ACE and some others, but with B-Kalm I've just seen that it either worked or it didn't. He said that it would put her in an almost stoned state, but we would still probably have to work to get her on the trailer.

I'm scared to give her something that will potentially make her worse. He said it would make her calmer and less willing to put up a fight, which is what my main focus is.

She HAS to be trailered, and I am thinking that a calmer/sedative may be our best option.

Has anyone had any experience with any calmers/sedatives?

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First at the very tip, but each time further and further back.