Scarlett johansson dating loki

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Scarlett johansson dating loki

After that, Chris Evans' contract is coming up and since he died after Civil War in the comics and was replaced by Winter Soldier and currently, while alive, has given the Cap mantle to Falcon, it seems he might die as well.

These deaths could be what brings Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Hulk back to the fold.

Most likely the Soul stone, since it would the the easiest to show on their special effects budget.

could have a scene where Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor finally fight side by side with Ant-Man and the Wasp (albeit their successors rather than Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne), recreating the original Avengers line-up from the early comics.

Robert, 52, captioned the cryptic photo: 'New flick, new short chair,' explaining the reason for the different chair in the hashtag #lumbarsupport along with #marvel.

Marvel fans will know that the three names on the chairs are the alter egos of Ant Man, played by Paul Rudd; Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson; and Captain America, played by Chris Evans.

The higher ups have made cryptic statements about how this movie will close the book on a certain part of the MCU, and how they plan to reflect the Avengers' practice of constantly changing their roster in the comics.

He will be revived as Kid Loki with the Soul Gem, not have any previous memories of his old self.

The sighting came days after Downey Jr confirmed he was a part of Avengers 4 with an Instagram photo; reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

The snap showed Stark's much smaller and more padded director's chair in front of three others labelled Scott Lang, Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers.

It seems Thanos would have to kill Vision to get the Mind Gem.

Meanwhile, War Machine seems expendable (he was one of the rumored deaths for the last film).

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Also, that "the Vision is Adam Warlock because he's got a gem in his head" theory doesn't make any sense considering that Vision had a gem in his head to begin with, albeit not one powered by an Infinity Stone.