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Cororrespondent Kalia Silva's quick chit chat: YBF: about? Perhaps This Should Have Been Done On A Neutral Platform?

NIA: The movie behind the scenes, what went on behind the scenes with the cast was just. We were all in Toronto, we all lived within two blocks of each other. For some reason in Toronto at that time they played the Voice like five times a day! Police Are Looking Into Daz Dillinger’s ‘Crip Alert’ Against Kanye West Ye' Brainstorms With Black Conservative Candace Owens In LA» Killer Mike Apologizes After Getting Dragged For NRA Sitdown.

Perrineau's character in "The Matrix" series, Link, was only written into the script after the actor (Marcus Chong) who portrayed the original ship operator, Tank, was written out of the franchise's sequel due to contract disputes. Lathan starred on Broadway in "A Raisin in the Sun" as Beneatha Younger and earned a Tony Award nomination for the portrayal. Diggs narrated ESPN Films' acclaimed 30 for 30 documentary "The Fab Five." The film focused on the influence and scandal surrounding University of Michigan basketball players Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. Perrineau and his wife, Brittany, welcomed a baby girl, Holiday Grace, on March 21, 2013.

During a sit down with Van Lathan for his “Red Pill Podcast,” the two friends spoke about the subject. The entire time you were coming up, you were dating or married to Idina Menzel. And I’ll never forget this because my mom is a hippie.

I don’t know if I could ever mess with a White girl now.

Because there’s still people out there talking stuff. And when it happens to you personally, even though you understand the logic, there’s trauma there. We’re at a time where I’m encouraging everyone, especially Black women, the more time you spend time pointing fingers, the less time you’re going to grow as a person.

Ima be real with you, I remember the moment that my mother realized that your wife was White.

My mother was like, ‘Aahh” She told me- – oh it hurt my feelings—at 13—I was reading this magazine. I want to marry her.’ And she said, ‘Oh honey, you’re going to marry a White woman.’ At 13.

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Likely because our feelings of disappointment, anger, suspicion or anything else have quite a bit to do with our experiences in this world, being shown and told that everything from the top of our head to the soles of our feet is wrong, not classically beautiful, unloveable etc. And for some of us, when Black men step out with White women on their arms, at what many can argue are disproportionate numbers, the hurt is real. ’ Taye: Lathan: And I was like, ‘I mean, yeah.’ And she goes, ‘Oh.’ And obviously we know what sisters go through… Lathan: When that came…when you go from being the love interest of Angela Bassett and the love interest of Sanaa Lathan to when that came…how do you feel like that impacted your career? I would like that no but I don’t know the movies that I didn’t get. Lathan: It’s funny because I’ll tell people that we’re friends and they’ll be like, ‘Yo, is he down?

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