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The possibility that all five individuals shown below were brothers appears strongly supported by the numerous charters, quoted below, in which some or all of Nuo, Gonzalo, Fortn and Diego are named together.It also interesting to note the subscription of the charter by Salvador Gonzlez, which together with other indications discussed further below, suggest a connection between the lvarez and Salvadrez families. As noted above, there are indications which suggest that she may have been related to the family of Salvador Gonzlez, which is shown below in Part F of the present chapter.Reference should also be made to the identity of Nuo lvarez.The charters quoted below show that there were (at least) two different persons named Nuo lvarez in Castile during the 1030s/1040s, one the brother of Rodrigo lvarez (maternal ancestor of El Cid), the other Nuo lvarez who is shown below."Sancio rex...sennor Nunnu Alvarez..." subscribed the charter dated under which "Eximina regina mater Sancii regis" donated the churches of Grisalea and Villarta to San Milln de la Cogolla. witnessed the charter dated under which Fernando I King of Castile granted castellum... Nunno Albariz cum conjuge propria Flamula donated divisas duas in villa... As noted below, under the possible first marriage of this Nuu lvarez, it is not certain whether he was the donor in this charter or the subscriber. Nunu Albariz, Rodrico Uermudiz, Fanni Fanniz, Didaco Albariz, Fortunio Albariz, Ordonio Ordoniz, alio Nunu Albariz subscribed the charter dated under which Nunno Alvariz..coniuge mea Goto donated the monastery of Santa Mara de Cabia to San Pedro de Cardea by [spurious] charter dated , subscribed by ... Gundisalvo Alvariz" subscribed the charter dated under which Ferdinand I King of Castile confirmed the union of the monastery of San Martn del Ro with San Pedro de Cardeas."Senior Didaco Alvarez de Asturias" donated property to the monastery of San Milln de la Cogolla by charter dated , confirmed by "filiis meis Alvaro Didaco et Beila Didaco, sennor Fortun Sanchiz, sennor Azenari Sanchiz, sennor Nunno Alvarez".] ... Kastrello..alhoze de Lerma to Arlanza by charter dated , witnessed by ... Domno Nunno Alvaroz, Didaco Alvaroz, Gundisalvo Alvaroz...["Nunnu Alvariz, Salvator Gundisalviz, Ruderico Bermudiz, Alvaro Ruderiz, Fredinando Ruderiz, Didaco Alvariz, Gundisalvo Alvariz, Didaco Gundisalviz, Lope Fortunionis, Fortuno Alvariz, Roderico Didaz, Gundisalvo Didaz" subscribed the charter dated under which Gomessanus...episcopus..nepotes meos Simeoni et Gomessano donated property to San Pedro de Cardea. Nunnu Albariz, Fortuni Albariz, Didaco Albariz, Gundissalbo Albariz, Roderico Uermudiz subscribed the charter dated under which Beila Monnioz donated property in Ualle de Orbanelia in locum... It is not certain whether these charters refers to Nuu lvarez, husband of Goto, or to Nuu lvarez, husband of Mara Gutirrez (see above).] Nunnu Albaroz... subscribed the charter dated under which "domna Gotina" donated abui de meus abus vel de parentes meus quantum quadravit mici inter meus germanus in villa... As noted below, this document could not refer to this Nuo lvarez unless Teresa was an error for Maria.] Nunno Albariz...Spinosa in alfoze de Sancta Cruce de Scuarros to San Pedro de Cardea, in exchange giving kasa de Matarusci to domna Munnia et ad Alvaro Munnoz, by charter dated , subscribed by "Didaco Munnioz..uxor mea Taresa" donated in villa...

This assumes that the (oldest) brother Munio was named after their supposed father (identified in line with the suggestion made above).

By the succession of his grandson Sancho Garca in 995, the county included territory from the Cantabrian coast in the north to Seplveda in the south.

It also disputed jurisdiction with the kings of Len over the areas around Saldaa, Palencia and Simancas to the west and with the kings of Navarre over Njera and lava to the east.

The citations marked Regestalia in the end-notes are taken from extracts of cartularies between 7, translated into Spanish, which appeared on the website Proyecto Regestalia which was presented by the Universidad de Alcal Two possible brothers, sons of Munio.

The common patronymic, and their joint involvement in a property arrangement, suggests that the two husbands in the charter shown below may have been brothers.

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Nuno Albariz, Gundissalbo Albariz, Fortuni Albariz, Didaco Albariz subscribed the charter dated under which "Didaco Munnioz..uxor mea Taresa" donated the monastery of San Miguel in villa... subscribed the charter dated under which King Fernando I donated curte..Uilla Iriezo qui fuit de illo mannero Citi Ouecoz to San Pedro de Cardea.

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