Sample opening lines online dating

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Sample opening lines online dating

It’s worthy of getting highlighted in this column: “We’re concerned.And here’s why: the school board members talked about land conservation for just 26 seconds during their 18-minute discussion (before the vote to approve development in the forest). He asked this because our petition requested the school consider a conservation plan for the part of the school’s forest NOT needed for their master plan.Put yourself in the shoes of the victim, not the shoes of the folks who wrote those letters.(Put yourself in front of a screen Thursday night at 6 to watch Foley, Kamler and Brad Carl drink shots of alcohol at timed intervals with a sheriff’s officer on hand to test how quickly their BAC gets above the legal limit for driving. I don’t feel any less healthy than I did last year at this time, how about you?Monsees asked school administrators/fellow board members if any agency has approached the school about purchasing or doing a land swap with the school district in regard to some of the forested area in question.If anyone connected with the school were truly interested in preserving more of the forest, the question would have been worded this way: “Should we approach the Missouri Department of Conservation about doing a land swap?

****** If you’ve been following our reporter Valerie Verkamp’s coverage of Park Hill’s building plan in the Line Creek area and its effect on the forest there, good for you. Park Hill’s school board last week pushed ahead with its master plan, ignoring concerns raised by organizers of a group to “Save the Last KC Forest.” You can learn more by following the group on Facebook.

Just a few minutes after sending an email to a Graves staffer in Washington, D. explaining the most recent crap show from the postal service, I received a phone call from a caseworker at Graves’ local office in Platte County. A Graves’ staffer named Wyatt is about to help us go full Wyatt Earp on the post office. ****** If mail service down south gets any worse we’re skipping the post office and sending Chris Kamler out to deliver Landmarks from a bicycle with one of those cute baskets on the front.

****** You’ll read in this issue that Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd lost his appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court, who on Tuesday ruled that Zahnd deserves a public reprimand for his actions in regard to publicizing names and professional connections of prominent citizens who wrote letters to a judge urging leniency for a confessed child sex offender.

Sort of similar to a homeowner insisting no one is interested in buying their house before they’ve even posted a for sale sign.

****** I have to admit school board member Scott Monsees’ question nearly made me laugh out loud.

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Most are passive individuals, warming a chair, apparently happy just to have the words “school board member” on their resume, and nearly all seem to be intimidated by the very school administrators they’re supposed to be commanding. I haven’t really seen one anywhere in Platte County since that time.

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