Rebecca hall dating

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Rebecca hall dating

"I am not going to get completely self-obsessed and wrapped up in it all. She's wearing a necklace - "It's a bird of peace" - and clothes that are "a cross between vintage and charity shop".She has a sticking plaster on her foot: "I cut it kneeling as a nun in Galileo's Daughter because the Poor Clare nuns didn't wear shoes," she says.

The play examines the relationship between father and daughter.Then, at the age of eight, Hall starred in The Camomile Lawn, Sir Peter's Channel 4 adaptation of Mary Wesley's novel."Coming from parents who are in the public eye, I learnt early on not to take it all too seriously," she explains. It takes a while to develop a thicker skin." Hall is strikingly beautiful, with long limbs, long brown hair and brown eyes."I read in a newspaper that Woody Allen has been casting for a new film in London about British life. " But after the Bath season she and dad are to move to the new Kingston Rose Theatre where she stars as Rosalind - "a dream part for me" - in Sir Peter's production of As You Like It. "My childhood was very colourful and I am very good friends with both my parents.I am really upset that I wasn't asked to audition for it," she says. The play then travels on to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. "I actually think it would be insulting," she replies, "if he offers me more great parts to turn them down merely because it is my dad offering them to me." And is she going to knock on any doors while out in Los Angeles? We have no secrets." Hall's mum will be coming to see her perform in Bath.

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She is no party animal and likes reading and listening to classical music. "One aspect of my mum's personality that has influenced me is her love of Hollywood and the golden era of black-and-white films." Hall's parents divorced when she was five years old.