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A typology elicits a particular order depending on the purposes of the investigator and on the phenomena so arranged, an order that limits the ways in which the data can be explained.

There can be different interpretations of the relations of the phenomena.

If being loud means getting what you want, you have to be loud. But when I go to a club, I have to remind myself to speak louder, and lower- from my diaphragm. For example, especially with respect to gaming women, you might come across as boring or too "cerebral" (which scares some women) if your verbal skills lack the ability to ask interesting questions, tell stories/jokes, or give provocative opinions.

It's all about calibrating yourself to a given situation.

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In anthropology and archaeology, typological systems may be based on variations of style or artifacts, paintings, buildings, burial customs, social systems, or ideologies.The titles are examined in detail to see whether their date range is consistent with the dates suggested in the text.Unfortunately the inscriptions give no further dating assistance.Now, in my moment of reflectiveness/insecurity, I gotta ask, is being quiet something that can truly work against someone?Does lacking something to say every moment really work against you?


A type may represent one kind of attribute or several and need include only those features that are significant for the problem at hand.