Planet personals uk dating adult dating lansford north dakota

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Planet personals uk dating

Unfortunately there is no option to watch streaming videos at Jim Slip and you can't download the full scene in one file either.

There are hundreds of pics to go with each episode on Jim Slip's UK Street Sluts.

You see, this horny guy wanders the globe in search of street sluts who will film a scene with him for 500.00 and a good deal of the birds he shags on his site have accepted his 500.00 Challenge (one of the more amusing videos shows Jim fucking two self-proclaimed "good Christian girls" during a trip he recently made to the Vatican).

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Jim Slip is a British pornographer who has been directing and starring in smut films since 1973 - but he may have some help from Viagra these days! but you wouldn't know it by looking at him - this dapper gentleman is always dressed impeccably in a suit and tie...until it's time to fuck, anyway. It's always time to fuck and in his own words he'll take "anything with a pulse" - he sees more ass than a public toilet seat!

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Jim rates each girl on his patented "Slut-O-Meter" and, not surprisingly, most models get an eight, nine or ten out of ten (wouldn't you think that a girl willing to fuck a stranger on camera would automatically get an eight or higher?! He gets to fuck some seriously hot babes on this site.

Being British, most of the birds Jim shags are pale and dark-haired (nothing wrong with that!

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