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I found it to be silly and distracting, as well as expensive. And for me, I sizable piece of my motivation to offer it up is the boost, novelty, switch, erotic charge that my partner might get, and that, along with some recent talks with a few pof ladies, encouraging me to pose this question, is what led me to start this thread.Anal sex, me in her, as always wowed me, a really hawt path to her inside, so was curious, always and ever, whether any woman feels likewise, by being the penetrator. For what it's worth, having crossed that threshhold myself, and based on my miniscule sample, 2 of 4 women were interested, and each of the two in favor were excited about it.Not trying to out anyone here, for any purpose, but experience is probably key to the credibility of any responses.thanks. Has nothing to do with "roles" as I don't use a strap-on.Massaging the prostate......whether with a finger or toy.....brings a man greater pleasure.I've experimented, but sparsely, found it novel, interesting enough to be open to the opportunity in the future, but what I know no more than scratch about is what goes through her head, and heart, and loins while pegging her man.

Much has been written in these pages about anal play, not all of it pleasant, but the discussions always seem to celebrate/denigrate the male peggee's views, sensations, sexual identity and perceived sexual preferences, but that's at best only half the story.Otherwise..humor was "right up my alley" speak (pun intended). But I thought/hoped my opening question here would be easier to answer.I did not enjoy the experience and it was my first visit with this doctor. Interesting the names people make up for discussing taboo subjects. Or you could probably buy them cheap by the gross (Did I pun? I think the challenge would be guaging the partner's pleasure if it's something you've never experienced yourself. Micki, Barefoot Kitten, Cookie in a way, Jojo and even Laha Math, in a strange way, have risen to the inquiry, or at least given their seeming best efforts to do so.The suggestion/feeler/subject breacher can be the equivalent of a nuclear power Well, OP, I think that I educated myself about sex and its different aspects because it intrigued me..there's stuff I have heard of that I have no interest in, but a lot of things, over the years, I've tried.

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The enabling of women has been an identifiable group activity, and a ground swell political and social cause celebre for several decades in the US. Hillary Clinton sat on the board of Walmart for a long time.

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