Pagdating ng muslim sa pilipinas

Posted by / 04-Dec-2019 22:57

Pagdating ng muslim sa pilipinas

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I’ll posting next the 4 basic options by which you can pay for your census records and census FAQs.

DO NOT hand-carry these items to avoid trouble at the customs. The mother of an office mate was almost asked to go back to Israel after religious souvenirs she bought from Israel were found in her carry-on bag.

Each have its own set of requirements plus additional set for those special cases that fall under any of the 3 major categories.

For more information about DFA Passports, please head on to the official website of DFA which you can find at

Just a reminder that there are actually 3 major categories with which you may fall under if you are interest to apply for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


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