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"I know what I ultimately want, which is a relationship to be monogamous." Susanne Cervenka: 732-643-4229; [email protected]

DATING SITES \Almost all dating websites now offer an app version.

"There's almost every possible variation that I've seen," Lesnick said.

And some of those, he said, are more blatantly hook up apps — ones that put sex before all else.

But it was also one, he said, that was abusive and likely moved too fast.

She's also an online dating expert, working as a consultant for the dating app Tinder.Lisa eventually deleted the account after realizing she hadn't met a man first in person before online in more than two years."When you are looking at someone's picture, you don't know if they just took a bad picture.Hook up now, date later Dee Jay Mogul, a 28-year-old deejay from Brooklyn, agreed. Sex is the first thing that comes to mind," he said."It's hook up now, date later." App dating did lead Dee Jay Mogul, who prefers using his stage name, to a long-term relationship with his last boyfriend.

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By the summer, between 60 to 65 percent were opting for mobile access.