Online dating views

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Online dating views

You'll read the same thing so many times on other people's profiles that it just doesn't mean anything.

Try to think of something a little more unusual to make you stick in someone's mind – and it might just spark off an online conversation.

If you're adding more than one photo, choose others which give clues to your personality and lifestyle – sporty shots, playing an instrument, on holidays, with friends – even if they aren't always full face shots.

Use a variety of settings: if all your photos are of you in a bar, it might put some people off.

In the beginning, this was caused mostly because I was shy and wary of online dating.

Later on, profiles that sounded “too good to be true” often caused me to pause since a few bad dates showed that “too good to be true” is normally “far worse than expected”.

There were times where I would read a profile and really think the woman sounded interesting.

At the same time, she might describe some traits she really disliked that I knew I had.

You don't have to write your entire life history in your profile, just enough to sum up what you want to say and give others an idea of what you're like. Make the effort to review and amend your profile regularly so that it's up-to-date.This time the search that sent someone my way was: “If a guy views your online profile often are they interested? It may not be called “winking” in the service you use but there will be some kind of method for contacting him without actually having to write an email.The Long Answer This is an interesting question because the way that a woman browses profiles can often differ from how a man would do the same.For example, at times a woman will have so many contacts that she barely has time to view the profiles of the men who have emailed her.In these cases, the woman would be less inclined to simply browse dating profiles (she already has more to deal with than she wants).

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