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Truly, the ardent scientist desires to know all about Kalachakra.” “Can this be so, when some of your Western people desecrate our temples?

They smoke within our holy sanctuaries; they neither understand nor wish to venerate our faith and our teaching.

And none of us would defame the teaching of mercy and righteousness.” “Lama, only the very ignorant and stupid would ridicule your teaching.

All the teachings of righteousness are as in one sacred place.

We know how another visitor saw a caravan of hill-people with salt from the lakes, on the very borders of Shambhala.

Moreover, we ourselves have seen a white frontier post of one of the three outposts of Shambhala.

In this book—as in his other books, “Altai-Himalaya” and “Heart of Asia,” one realizes that Roerich’s vision is manifold.

Traveling on his way, he discerns all the beauty of the natural spectacle through which he passes.

Reading it, one realizes that Roerich has woven a wreath which he has offered in full reverence to the great Principle which is Shambhala, the New Era; for truly it is the salutary wind of people’s thought and faith which will aid the fires of Shambhala.Why do you believe that in the West we do not know of Shambhala?“Lama, upon my very table you may see the Kalachakra, the Teaching brought by the great Atticha from India.They mock and deride the symbols whose meaning they do not penetrate.Should we visit your temples, our conduct would be completely different, because your great Bodhisattva, Issa, is verily an exalted one.

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In “Shambhala” Roerich has recorded the way of his journey through Central Asia and Tibet in the terms of spirit.

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