Mrs swan dating game

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Mrs swan dating game

Naomi Frederick, perfect for pukka Edwardian ladies, plays the title role.Agnes is a 30-something painter who has left her husband and takes up with barrel-chested Danish artist Otto (Matthew Flynn). This being a Trevor Nunn production, the French scenes are introduced by accordion music.

He is too cool, too mature, not chinless or daft or funny enough. If so, the RSC’s clunking approach to politically correct casting has again weakened its stage product.

However, thanks to Lossie and Theia and Miss Stanton and Mr Simkins, the show does eventually reach a satisfying comedy simmer and you will trundle homewards glad to have seen a rare revival. Barker was 22 when he wrote Agnes Colander and it is a dribbly affair.

Theatre historians may be interested in Agnes Colander, a late Victorian offering unearthed only recently. Granville Barker, an important figure in early 20th-century theatre and a collaborator of G. The show’s programme concedes that it is ‘clearly a draft’.

I’m not sure Gangsta Granny really needs two-and-a-quarter hours to pull off her Crown Jewels heist with grandson Ben, but Neal Foster’s touring production is good high-spec children’s entertainment all the same.

The production also benefits from the considerable popularity of David Walliams’s book, to which Foster’s adaptation is entirely faithful.

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All that can stop them is a nosy neighbour and a ballroom dancing competition.

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