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What makes a partner for life is very different from what makes a fun date, so make sure that you know what you want and you are judging guys on the right set of criteria.2.Forget past mistakes Our next tip on how to find Mr Right is – forget your past mistakes.Polina is an inspirational woman who has found love in her own life and is now dedicated her wisdom and talents to helping other women who want to be in happy, healthy, loving relationships.Her interview style is eloquent and thought-provoking.Once I followed the process that I now teach others, I was able to meet Mr.Right who proposed to me after only 6 months of dating.The funds raised from sales are used to purchase school supplies for students in need.

Well, don’t despair, there could be many reasons why you haven’t found your perfect match yet. Or perhaps you, yourself, are putting barriers in the way of you finding Mr Right?

Our dating experts are here to give you top dating advice from what you should include in the perfect profile, where to go for your first date, how to find your soul mate and much more – all found on our online magazine, available now.

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If you are still searching, then read these ten things that you need to remember, when you are on the hunt for the true love of your life:1. Have you really thought about what makes the Mr Right, right for you?

Have a long hard think and write down about the attributes that are really important in a man that you would like to spend the rest of your life with, and ask your friends and family what they think the perfect man for you would be.

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When I moved to New York City and searched for love after a divorce, I went through a roller coaster of dating experiences that led to many “a-ha” moments and taught me powerful lessons.

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