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It seems like an obvious but difficult thing to try to achieve: fear.

Despite this obvious requirement of a military uniform, so many country’s armies look like complete plums.

This garment was extensively adorned with braiding (often gold or silver for officers) and several rows of multiple buttons.

Under it was worn the , a decorated saddlecloth with long pointed corners surmounted by a sheepskin.

Like Mel Gibson’s blue faced warriors or the fur covered, beardy viking hoard.

If you’re going into battle you want the enemy to gaze across at your line of infantry and think “these guys look like the real deal”.

A The best implementations in my humble opinion are the classic Hungarian green/red outfit and the regimental outfits of Napoleon's army (ca 1812).

I think that armies started losing the intimidating factor of their appearance as the early modern period began.On active service the hussar normally wore reinforced breeches which had leather on the inside of the leg to prevent them from wearing due to the extensive time spent in the saddle.On the outside of such breeches, running up the outside was a row of buttons, and sometimes a stripe in a different colour.The Greeks think it’s because of the talent of these guys and their sinister look.But it’s not, it’s because they have pom-poms on their shoes and a short skirt.

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They had made it a point in their honour code to be the most scandalous, womanising, daredevil of all military corps. British actor David Hemmings totally owned the look in the 1968 film Charge of the Light Brigade.

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