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You should then be able to build Modula-2 programs.

Please refer to the GNU Modula-2 documentation to get more details.

The compiler can be run under emulator software such as DOSBox and compiles most of the PIM Modula-2 examples from the Coronado Tutorial.

m2tom3 is a Modula-2 to Modula-3 translator under GPL developed at the university of Aachen in Germany.

It uses a preprocessor so it can be used with most Modula-2 compilers available for the Atari-platform.

There are packages for providing POSIX-functions, an ISO-Modula-2 library and much more.

After that you have to add the path to the compiler by typing 'export PATH=~/opt/bin:$PATH'.

"In 1985/1986, BYTE Magazine ran a series of articles by Jonathan Amsterdam on VM2, a virtual machine written in Modula-2, and then a compiler for this machine." Read more here.

Applications which use the library should be portable (usually w/o modification) and the library definition and current implementation should easily port to other systems.

The library was originally centered around I/O, but has been expanded to include those facilities which we found were required for Modula-2 application programming in general." I have to add: portability in this case means portability between the Sun Modula-2 compiler and the Logitech compiler for DOS systems.

gz [1.5MB]: Olsen & Associates Portable Modula-2 Library.

Description from README: "The library's foremost feature is its portability.

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