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Lovemarriagedating com

In January 2011, I accidentally got a second job working at LDS Family Services a few hours a week.

I really wasn’t trying, and it really was an accident, but that’s another story.

Because we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we were married in the temple in a private ceremony earlier in the day.

Our closest temple is in Oklahoma City, so that is why we went that far just to be married.

This was our epistolary introduction, which was tender and sweet as soon as it finally began. I was too embarrassed of my sappy self to write about it, and so only blogged .

That’s when I wrote maybe one of my most favorite blogs ever. We talked on the phone for three hours that day, three hours of awesome.

Nathan knew there was no way to start a relationship from so far away, and so didn’t take her seriously.

This hardest-year-of-my-life also brought the gift of time with my family, which was as healing as it was challenging.

I finally came to truly understand that nothing, , nothing is more important than my family, and really began to appreciate them in new ways and realize how very much I love them.

The point is that’s where I met Nathan’s cousin, Dan.

He kept me on my toes throughout a very hard year, with my mom having surgery on her spine and my father dying of cancer, and caring for my four year old niece that was staying at my house.

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