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Almost all travellers start their trip from Beijing where you can travel by train or air (most groups fly in and train out).It is also likely to be with a travel agent based in Beijing that will do all the lengthy and tricky permitting and visa issuance work behind the scenes.Korea, which is as nationally proud as you would expect from this long lineage and its position surrounded by three super-powers - not to mention being a country split in half- was isolated from the west for thousands of years and retains a culture and customs that will continually surprise and entertain. Food is amazingly spicy and distinctive, eating seems to always involve plenty of people and alcohol and is for many visiting one of the main highlights.Between China and Japan few travellers find room for Korea and even fewer any real time outside of Seoul (inc. It is worth not being one of them as Korea will almost certainly astonish.

For other tours such as individual tours you could double those figures.Despite being a island, international connections are easy: To/from Russia, Zarubino (near Vladivostok, the last stop on the Trans-Siberian), there are twice-weekly ferries to Sokcho.It's around 18hours by boat and for this reason many take one of the regular flights.Freedom is close to zero, you'll most likely spend every night in Pyongyang and all your accommodation, guide, transport (tour bus - although there is a metro system you get to ride on as part of your tour - the deepest in the world no less - all public transport is off-limits) and food will be pre-paid and provided for you.You will get state-run TV in your hotel room and will see/hear all the state propaganda you might expect on the TV and in all forms of media you come across.

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The catch is quite simply it is expensive to do so and you won't be allowed to leave the official government tour.

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