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Local florida ladys chatweb cams

But clicking on those web links reveals hundreds of nude photographs of current and former high school students, all of which have been posted by anonymous users.Besides the explicit images, the website also contains hundreds more photos of clothed women, likely stolen from their Facebook and Instagram accounts.Since it could potentially contain illegal images, Local 6 provided the website address to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.A representative from the state agency did not return follow-up phone calls inquiring about the matter.Those portraits are being used to solicit "wins," a code word for nude photographs.While some users have requested naked images of current high school girls, others have posted messages hoping to obtain photos of women who graduated as far back as 14 years ago, including a few who are now married and have children.She went to Cimarron-Memorial High School where she also served as the student body president.She had previously dated with an actor and were engaged to married.

"It's upsetting when it's a family member and somebody you love and care about." Although the father does not like the idea of teenagers posting nude photos of their classmates, he is even more concerned about others who might visit the website, such as rapists and pedophiles.Local 6 is not publishing the address of the website.Online records indicate the website domain is associated with Cloud Flare, a California-based company that, among other services, acts as a reverse proxy to protect website host providers from cyber attacks.Elaine and her father want to remind teens that private photographs do not always stay private.They also want the people who posted the photos on the pornographic website to be criminally prosecuted.

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"(Cloud Flare) does not provide hosting services for any website," said representative Amanda Purvis, who did not confirm whether the company had a business relationship with the pornographic website.