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Posted by / 16-Feb-2020 16:35

Livecam hacksex

A user posted a manual on hacking surveillance cameras and all hell broke loose.

Readers studied the hacking 101 guide and went online looking for cameras with poor passwords, installed in WCs, flats and back-street brothels. So, massive webcam breaches happened from time to time.

Yesterday one of 2ch’s users attracted the attention of Russian media.

This time the public eye is focused on a thread of an anonymous user, who hacked computers of hundreds users in a variety of countries and streamed live video from them on You Tube.

Hacking webcams is a popular activity for young hackers.

While the general public has become aware of this creepy hobby only recently, it has actually been a “hobby” of hackers for years.

For several days (starting on April 26) 2ch users have been enjoying the possibility to spy on unsuspecting people, discuss their manners, appearance and room decorations.

The hacker has several tricks, which he uses to entertain viewers during the stream.

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Hacking these devices is a tricky business, but it’s possible. If you are not ready to become the star of yet another underground reality show, the easiest way to hide yourself from trolls is to tape your laptop’s camera.