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It's not nice and it's kind of juvenile but it's also the structure of reality as objectively perceived.It's an assumption among friends, an ice-breaker among strangers, a talking point for Gavin Newsom in a pinch. It's 6s and (sometimes) 7s, open your eyes and pull it together.**Second, if it's true people can clearly distinguish a 6 from a 9, just like they can distinguish a fat person from a skinny one, then tens of thousands of SF women believing they're 9s when they are in fact 6s*** would seem to mean, essentially, that these women are insane. Just Missing******* is not right or wrong in any moral sense but it is impossibly awkward.If everybody's crazy, well, nobody's crazy and humanity, with a few muttered grumblings and the magic of *The companion cliche of course is that SF men are pencil necked nerds. They may be chauvinists with a sense of entitlement, the thinking goes, but (for the most part) they aren't delusional.**Additional point of clarification: the 1-10 grading scale is the prevailing gold standard for assessing the attractiveness of individual persons while simultaneously being a jerk. The Gaussian function or bell curve of the measure would seem to defy application to a city-sized population of people (i.e., all large groups randomly (i.e., naturally) distributed should be "full of 5s") but due to complex sociological and economic factors (some of which this blog has attempted to research and explain) this is not the case.A city can indeed be disproportionately full of 6s.

It works more than it would in say Chicago, New York, Atlanta, or anywhere else with a less desperate male-female ratio (The underlying trouble is that an inordinate number of SF women aren't off the mark by much. And worse, he lives out his days experiencing these brief, throw-away moments when, because everyone around happens to be seated or Asian or he's rollerblading, the world actually perceives and treats him as the unchallenged alpha.Just Missers are prone to a special brand of cognitive dissonance, whereby they constantly try to re-engineer (just slightly) the prevailing value system in order to invalidate the relevance of the one or two immutable traits (5ft6half! Self-ware SF 7s, for example, will, in order to avoid environments in which they might be judged solely on their appearance, do things like promote day culture and frequent wine bars and wear layers and, in order to avoid direct comparison to more physically beautiful women, express a towards the "Bridge and Tunnel" chicks or LA girls and anywhere either might show up, and these carefully and studiuosly cultivated attitudes will - for a time - make them feel like 8s or 9s but only so long as larger, more powerful leveling forces, such as a romantic relationship, Perez Hilton or a .It's a wierd dichotomy to be packaged together in one person, you can't decide if it's cool or pathetic, if they are the tormented Sisyphusean hero or the dumb kid who puts on a cape and jumps off the roof.Like that situation with all the ***Let's put aside for now the feasibility of knowing (from an arm-chair/bar-stool perspective and with inordinate precision) what is happening inside other people's brains. If you've ever been to the Las Vegas strip on a Friday at 9 PM, for example, regardless of the season, you somehow know that 80% of the men who travel to Nevada are always exactly 93% mistaken that they will get laid that evening.****It should be noted that although Twenge and Campbell emphasize that the recent rise in narcissism disproportionately affects females, their research also shows that men on the average (in no small part because of Floyd Meriweather and that cheese nug married to Heidi Montag and intuition dictates that the attractiveness of a person is relative to that of the person doing the assessment. This is (conceptually) absurd and why we laughed when George Constanza rejected a woman for being bald but it's also social fact.

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He'll spend three months getting used to being above-average ordinary, and then this completely different, totally superior existence is thrown in his face for a moment or two before being ripped away.