Kris williams dating

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My best guess is that it is non-paranormal related due to her responses about getting herself and her other interests 'out there' and that she is more than just 'the girl that ghost hunts.' It will also be along the lines of a reality show as, by her own admission, she would be terrible if she were required to act.

If she is trying to shed the one-dimensional perception that some people may have of her she certainly is going about it the right way.

After re- watching that first episode it made me realize that we've really watched her grow and change on the show.I think it's something we are all guilty of at times, I've seen my followers number go up and down as well and I tend to interpret it as due to over-sharing.(Yes, my head cold is getting better, thanks for asking! I guess we'll just have to wait until whomever it is that has placed Kris under the 'don't tell yet' orders to lift the embargo so that we can all get back to Ghost Hunters business as usual. ------------ You can follow me on Twitter and I'll keep you in the loop -- I'm @lmerwin.We'll try some debunking first, but we do a lot of EVP work and for that you really have to be as still as possible so sitting is the best way to achieve that, that way we aren't bumping into stuff or making noise that we have to tag (on the recording) for later.LM: You did an episode of Destination Truth with Josh Gates. KW: I don't think so but I would love to do another episode with Josh. LM: Are there any other cameos for other Syfy shows planned that you know of -- Are you going to take a trip through the Stargate any time soon? Syfy tends to keep reality tv shows on other reality shows.

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