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Jewish dating services nyc

But the luxury fashion house was criticised for using white models, proving that cashing in on a cultural sensitive area of the market can be tricky.

Lewis also warns that the commercialisation of grassroots trends aren't always entirely positive for the respective groups.

From a dearth of stylish modest clothing, in the space of a year or so, London hosted its first Modest Fashion Week, Uniqlo teamed up with fashion design Hana Tajima to release a collection of hijabs.At the same time, Muslim fashion designers and influencers in the UK and Jewish and Christians in the US are filling gaps that they have spotted in the market, using social media to gain influence and set up online stores.Factor in brands attempting to appear more “woke” to appeal to millennial consumers in an uncomfortable political climate - just think of the inclusion of a hijabi photographer in that widely panned Pepsi ad - and it's no wonder that modesty is now mainstream.“Today, individuality is celebrated and again social media has been a key platform for people to express their individuality,” says Altaf Alim, the co-founder commercial director of Aab, a modest fashion brand that launched in 2007.“Ten years ago it was very difficult to find clothing that was both suitably modest but also on trend.” Now, Aab is working with the Debenhams - the first major UK department store to sell Muslim clothing.

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Consumer choice is always a good thing," she argues.