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He came to HCS just after I left but I know from this forum how highly he was respected by the students he taught.

It had formerly been a school building moved to HCS from a site in Alperton.School photos were taken early in the new school year.My father combined holidays with business so our family often came back in SEPTEMBER, a few days lat E.No doubt, mathematicians would have been required, too.The aim being that these groups would provide the starting point of a new post- holocaust generation.

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By the end of this period it had become unsuitable for further use, and there is reference to a sum of GBP700 required to address the various repairs needed; the then Headmaster had accepted responsibility for finding this money. In the event the Group did not get final financial approval for its present HQ until 1971 (and even then arsonists tried to burn it down before the building was complete). Well my own (totally serious of course) suggestion is that it was probably used to purchase commercial quantities of Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels for use in the tuck shop at the various Troop camps.