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Jason patric dating history

"My dad, he had a very brief moment of brilliance." Mr.

Patric, who stars in the revival, said that while it was difficult to revisit the catalyst that drove his father away, it is so well-written he was able to distance himself from its deeper personal attachments.

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"It has a lot of identifications, personally, of triumph, and also defeat," Mr.

Patric said in an interview with The Sunday Times following a recent preview performance of a revival that opens May 6 on Broadway.

… But I mean, it means nothing to me, looking at a piece of metal that's supposed to be your father." Setting foot in the city was "visual and sensual stimulus," Mr.

Patric said, adding that it looked the same to him as when his father and grandparents were still alive.

"As the sort of keeper of the play, there are certain questions, and I would answer them to the best of my ability," Mr. "I said to these guys at the beginning, 'If I can help you with anything, I will, but this play - I want it to be new to me.

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NEW YORK Jason Patric was only 6 when his father gained fame and fortune for "That Championship Season" in 1972.

While the overnight success allowed his family to move "out of poverty and change our lives," it also cost Mr. Shortly after the play garnered international acclaim, Mr. He never wrote another play comparable to his masterpiece.

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A camera crew followed him as he checked out his father's old stomping grounds, including his former high school, St. Sorvino starred in the stage and movie productions of "That Championship Season" in the 1970s and '80s. Patric saw the statue, but he said he felt no real connection to it.