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He's a national hero and the young adults are future leaders!

A post shared by Janine Turner (@janineturner) on Well, the actress did move on as she got linked with Sylvester Stallone.

Back in 1997, Janine was said to be in a relationship with Jerry Jones Jr, the son of Dallas Cowboy owner.

Expressing her break up experiences, she exclaimed,“I think it’s a good life lesson.

A lot of times, people are put in our lives for reasons.

I gained a new respect and appreciation for acting in New York.

And I decided that I didn't want to lock myself into roles that portrayed women negatively. I only had eight dollars left and had become very depressed right before I got the part in Northern Exposure.

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Though it was not the lady who had fallen head over heels with the man first instead it was Alec who had weak knees before the beautiful girl, so later they were definitely into one another and got engaged.

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