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A man is watching her in a car parked outside her house.His accent is a peculiar hybrid of British and American. He knows when she gets home from school that she is alone for an hour before her parents arrive back from work.‘No one has to get hurt,’ he says to the child, ‘if you do what I say.’ He tells her she’s ‘secretly enjoying it’.As the transcripts of many paedophile court cases reveal, this is a classic grooming technique — force, fear, cajoling, praise, then threats.In this major study, researchers lifted the lid on the corrosive effect of hardcore porn on children, concluding that those who access adult images and videos are more likely to lose their virginity at a younger age.There were even indications that boys who look at violent porn are more likely to become sexually aggressive.For more than a year, this newspaper has waged a campaign to force internet service providers to have a mandatory ‘opt-in’ policy.

Many paedophiles start off like Hazell, dabbling in adult online porn.Like millions of others, I read the details of Tia’s murder with a sense of both horror and profound disconnection.Horror that a vulnerable girl could be left in the care of her grandmother and her partner, a man with 30 convictions for drugs and violence, because it seemed better than the hell-hole that was her own home. Habitual criminals, feckless families, wife-beaters, abused children, drug dealers and benefit scroungers...J., in which he takes shots at Drake's […] Taylor Swift has reportedly fallen out with her backing dancer Kim ' Toshi' Davidson for allegedly posting sexist memes on social media.Pictures of a sweet youngster with pigtails and round spectacles dance across my office computer screen.

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But it’s also an evil that is rousing men like Stuart Hazell to commit murder.